ZuniSOS – Rescue Buoy


The rescue buoy created by Zunibal sends an Alarm / SOS message when its emergency mechanism is activated. The SMS will be sent to the ship owner and the Call Center, who will coordinate the rescue quickly. The ship will send its position automatically every 15 minutes to facilitate rescue. In addition, thanks to its Z-Alert app, it is possible to manage the entire fleet from your smartphone and view the status of each ship.

Product Details

SOS System

– SOS button.
– Alarm messages in the mobile app Z-ALERT.
– Position every 15 minutes for 8 hours to facilitate the rescue.

New App: Z- ALERT

The alarms of your fleet on your smartphone thanks to our app!

– Real-time information.

– Receive any type of alarm directly in your smartphone.

– Notifications of the activity of your fleet.

Mobile-friendly website

– Any time, any device:
PC, smartphone and tablet.
– Historical of position and traces.
– EEZ lines.

Maintenance free

– Installation free.
– External power free.
– Totally autonomous device.

Global coverage

– Iridium satellite system.

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